Top 10 Cannabis Tech Solutions Companies - 2022

Cannabis Tech Solutions Companies - 2022

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  • Consilium Sciences

    With the mission to be the leading provider of regulatory solutions, Consilium Sciences brings it experience and expertise in cannabis, and also materials science, vaping, and tobacco products. This includes preparation of PMTAs, SEs, MRTPAs and TPMFs as well as other regulatory documents for the FDA, EMA and Health Canada

    Businesses in the cannabis field should start focusing on product quality and safety immediately so that they do not face any unfortunate and costly scenarios in the coming years.

    Preston Campbell, Ph.D., Practice Lead, Pharmacology and Toxicology.

    Richmond, VA.
  • Five Points

    Five points is a software developer focused on building technology for the government, specifically in health and human services. It leverages various technology capabilities like integration to design bespoke solutions for entities like child welfare and behavioral health

    Our technology, consulting services, and approach were a perfect fit for the program in that we were able to build a solution that allowed it to quickly change with the industry and the rules and regulations

    Brian Cliburn, CEO and Chris Pantaleon, Director of Business Development

    Sarasota, FL
  • GreenWrap Insurance Solutions

    GreenWrap Insurance Solutions offers coverage options for any type of business that touches the hemp and marijuana industry – even if they aren't involved in the production and sale of cannabis. These businesses may include CBD supplement developers, vape shops, consultants, and more.

    Our packages are custom-tailored to the client’s unique level of risk, the interests they’d like to insure, the applicable state regulations, and the national mandates

    Emily Leander, Founding Member and CEO

    Delray Beach, FL
  • Guardian Banking Solutions

    Beginning its journey as a banking solutions provider for cannabis merchants, Guardian Banking Solutions has evolved over the years to add a slew of solutions, including payment processing, cannabis insurance, ACH (bank direct payments), cannabis lending, outdoor advertising and Employee Retention Credit (ERC) services

    We started out with banking as the cornerstone, finding bank accounts for merchants through safe and compliant practices. Our goal is to connect cannabis operators with banks and be a single place with a full understanding of an operator’s needs and provide the best of the best solutions for those needs

    Gary Viramontes, CEO

    Fullerton, CA
  • Helderpad

    Helderpad is a leader in designing robust ethanol extraction, solvent recovery, and short-path distillation systems. The company serves clients across the hemp/cannabis, nutraceutical, and essential oils industry. The company keeps its ears to the ground and pays attention to what customers are looking toward in the future.

    We’re focused on innovation; we keep our ears to the ground and pay attention to what customers are looking toward in the future

    Klaas Hesselink, Partner, sales and strategic development and Derek Houston, President

    Poulsbo, WA
  • Regent Bank

    Regent Bank with its agility and technology allows it to cater bank services to any cannabis business across the nation, meeting client's needs, and allowing them to successfully operate as a business.

    Steve Baker, EVP and Chief Administrative Officer & Keri Cain, SVP/Director of Special Programs

    Tulsa, OK
  • Goodland Extracts

    With a goal of re-educating consumers on the importance of safe and reliable CBD products, Goodland Extracts— a premier hemp processing company—provides high-quality cannabis extracts by applying state-of-the-art processing practices

  • Monarch Technologies

    Monarch Technologies is a fully licensed Money Transmittal Service Provider. Currently, they are operating as a Fintech services provider for the legitimate Hemp industry, serving businesses, governmental compliance entities, and consumers. They’ve developed a proprietary business banking compliance platform called Monarch

  • Atlas Growers

    Atlas Growers is a Canadian medical cannabis producer. Atlas Growers is federally licensed in Canada for cultivation and production of cannabis products, with a focus on health and wellness

  • Canopy Growth

    Canopy Growth Corporation is a world-leading diversified cannabis company. They operate a collection of diverse brands and curated strain variety, supported millions of square feet of indoor greenhouse production capacity, partnered with some of the leading names in the sector