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Weekly Brief

Thursday, February 2,2023

Feature of the Week

Disc harrows allow users to add additional weight to the frame but must adhere to the manufacturer's instructions.  Read more
The benefits of smart irrigation systems include the reduction of manpower costs, water conservation, and facilitating a fine irrigation system.  Read more
Industrial agriculture, which is typified by massive monocultures used as animal feed, high concentrations fertilizers pesticides and fertilizers, and CAFOs where living things are treated like nothing more than products, had evolved into the new.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Chris Grainger, CEO, and Co-Founder  
Harvest Genomics’ business mission is to develop and deploy genomic technologies for food production and safety. Harvest Genomics is dedicated to supporting the agriculture world with the latest science tools that are efficiently digested on the...  Read more
By Jeff Norton, VP of business development  
VGrid Energy Systems, Inc. helps to solve some of the world’s most challenging environmental problems. The company’s proprietary and patented technology transforms organic matter, such as waste from agricultural and forestry operations, into...  Read more

Industry Contributors

By David Scalzo, Founder and President, Kirenaga Partners  
‘AgTech’ has existed since the dawn of humanity, but it has been a painstakingly slow process...  Read more
By Kelvin Llaverias, Director of IT, FCC Agriculture, Florida Crystals  
The term digital transformation is heard everywhere these days, but it has always existed for the past...  Read more