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Weekly Brief

Thursday, September 29,2022

Feature of the Week

The Internet of Things, but with an enterprise angle. Take that as vertical industry applications, development ecosystems, product design, hardware, deployment, and more.  Read more
Blockchain is simply defined as a ledger of transactions in an electronic medium noted and stored by participants.  Read more
The Agri industry must evolve and keep up with the times. Here are five of the recent innovations in the field of agriculture  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Ma Zhifen, CEO  
EYIMU S&T (Beijing) Co. Ltd is a Professional Data Intelligence Farm Solution provider that has developed a precision dairy farming SaaS solution that accelerates digital transformation. Our proprietary Dairy Business Index is primed to set a new...  Read more
By Bree Modica, MS, Technical Sales  
EnviroFlight is a company specializing in sustainable animal and plant nutrition. It produces feed using black soldier fly larvae from oven-dried larvae, an alternative insect protein source. EnviroFlight is a leader in sustainable animal and...  Read more

Industry Contributors

By Ulrich Geilinger, Venture Capitalist, HBM Partners AG  
In 2016, the U.S. spent 17.9 percent of GDP on healthcare. While other countries’ healthcare spend...  Read more
By Graham Wilkinson, Vice President of Agriculture, Arla Foods  
There can’t be many industries that have endured as long as agriculture and even fewer that have...  Read more