We Work With Not For-Profits, NGO's, and Governments to Find Ways to Deliver the Mobile Tools Into the Hands of the World’s Most Needing Farmers Free of Charge

Jon Trask, Co-Founder & CEO


We will continue to collaborate with researchers, farmers, ag retailers, universities, and technology partners to build effective agriculture ecosystems

Daniel Padrão, COO



Carter Williams, CEO and Managing Director, iSelect Fund

  • What's Next for Plant-Based Protein?

Brett Brohl, Managing Director, Techstars

  • Our Obsession With Optimizing the Food System, one Startup at a Time

Barbara Masters, VP Regulatory Policy, Food and Agriculture and Jennifer Williams, Vice President for FSQA, Fresh Meats, Tyson Foods

  • Advantages of Traceability Beyond Connecting Consumers to Their Food

Phillip Dana, Director Of IT, Netafim USA

  • Iot Buzzword Inspiration or Trouble?

Jeff Macon, The Impact

  • Can Startups help California Agriculture offset Rising Water Costs?

Steve Caudill, Director, Agriculture Sector, Digital Operations, CNH Industrial [BIT: CNHI]

  • Challenges in Off-Road Vehicle Autonomy

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