Featured Vendors (July-September) - 2021

Featured Vendors (July-September) - 2021

\\\\\\\\\ Featured Vendors (July-September) \\\\\\\\\

  • Agrograph

    Global platform for field-scale predictive modeling that delivers accurate and timely information on crop yields, land suitability, risk management and other agricultural production information

    Mutlu Ozdogan, co-founded and Jim O’Brien, co-founded

  • Hydrosat

    A data analytics company delivering in-house software to agricultural companies and growers so they can manage supply chains and improve farming

    Our technology can determine the yield of crops months ahead of time, as plant production is highly influenced by stress

    Jakob van Zyl, associate director and Pieter Fossel, co-founded

    Washington, DC
  • Pollen systems

    Pollen Systems is a Bellevue, WA based firm founded to aid farms in the collection and interpretation of real-time data using state-of-theart technologies and provide them with actionable insights that will significantly improve the quality and quantity of their cashcrops

    The company’s technicians scheduled visits to the site for a flyover, operating highly customized drones to take detailed NDRE, NDVI, and RGB pictures. Analyzing these images enables us to have a 360-degree view of the crop conditions

    Keith McCall, CEO, and Founder

    Bellevue, WA
  • Scynce LED

    Scynce designs & manufactures next-level LED grow lights right here in the USA

    We are one of the few companies that provides complete control over the spectrum and corresponding recipes

    Brent Perkins, corresponding

  • Symsoil Inc

    A company with products and services that improves the profitability of all farmers. Their products are based on a deep understanding of soil science, especially the complete soil microbe biome, and how to improve soil health and solve problems

    We help farmers move away from chemical solutions towards biologically restoring the soil microbes that essentially feed the plants the way nature intended them to be fed

    Elizabeth Pearce, CEO at SymSoil

  • Vividgro

    VividGro is a pioneer in agricultural technology for consumer and commercial applications. They provide solutions to improve growers’ profitability by lowering operating costs, increasing efficiencies and yields, and decreasing cycle times

    Our ability to tie the entire process of indoor farming through both hardware and software and also map all our clients to the highest degree of success makes us second to none

    David Friedman, CEO of VividGro.