Featured Vendors (April - June) - 2021

Featured Vendors (April - June) - 2021

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  • AbuErdan

    AbuErdan specializes in poultry management, armed with a resilience poultry management technology stack that can support producers extensively. The poultry management software focusses onthe whole meat and egg production value chain starting right after the genetics until the retailers. It involves management, analysis, planning and much more. Additionally, the solution enhances operational capabilities and boosts transparency using a traceability tools for food safety. AbuErdan’s cloud-based poultry management solution leverages new technologies like Artifical Intelligence and machine learning to forecast chicken performance allowing poultry managers to take data-driven corrective actions on time

    More Chicken, Less Waste: Improving efficiency and profitability by optimizing performance, decreasing waste, and promoting welfare is the goal that AbuErdan promises to poultry companies

    Islam Khalil, Co-founder and CEO

    Cairo, Egypt
  • CropLogic Ltd

    CropLogic is a recognized global digital ag-tech company focusing on soil moisture management solutions. Their vision is to be the leading provider of powerfully-simple actionable intelligence designed for irrigated crop farmers to manage water usage better and to enhance crop behavior and performance. They started the journey with the research and regional areas to develop a solution designed to offer actionable in-field information that is accurate, concise, and easy-to-use—leveraging 30 years of plant performance data, research and analysis – combined with over 600 global field trials – a suite of digital agtech solutions were born

    We want to make complicated and sophisticated data accessible to the grower in a simple format and at the click of a button. This is where we intend to develop our technology in the years to come

    James Cooper-Jones, CEO

    Twin Falls, ID
  • Solinftec

    A digital agriculture solution provider that provides IoT-based solutions to integrate and digitize all aspects of farming operations

    We will continue to collaborate with researchers, farmers, ag retailers, universities, and technology partners to build effective agriculture ecosystems

    Daniel Padrão, COO

    Araçatuba, São Paulo
  • TKXS

    TKXS is a B2B technology and data-driven solutions company, which provides data collection, data science, technology, and data-enabled marketing and incentive management capabilities to the agriculture, healthcare, construction, and industrial supply industries. Its solutions allow customers to acquire and leverage data, glean market intelligence, operate more effectively, and create demand. Whether extracting actionable insights from large volumes of data, developing apps to enhance operational effectiveness, or managing full-service programs to increase sales, TKXS delivers measurable success. The company develops, implements, and supports customer and turnkey solutions to achieve customer goals. The headquarters of the company are in Morrisville, NC

    The team at TKXS helps clients stay ahead of the pack by reshaping their data so their marketing and communication departments can effectively use it

    Thad Armbruster, CEO

    Guelph, ON