Featured Vendors (January-March) - 2021

Featured Vendors (January-March) - 2021

\\\\\\\\\ Featured Vendors (January-March) \\\\\\\\\

  • Agrograph

    Agrograph software platform helps agricultural industry by providing timely information on crop returns and other agricultural manufacturing information

    Agrograph’s data solutions are a modern approach to what companies already do

    co-founded by Mutlu Ozdogan and Jim O’Brien, brings together data, technology

    Madison, Wisconsin agrograph.com
  • automed

    Provides an automated device that delivers medication to livestock

    Our automed device offers a solution to various livestock industries to fully comply with compliance and traceability needs and requirements

    David Edward, CEO Samira Edwards,

    Huxley, USA automed.io
  • Groegenics

    Growgenics provides advanced, customizable LED horticultural shape-lighting for indoor vertical farming and cannabis cultivation

    "We Give Growers The Ability To Tweak The Light Ratio For Each Strain Or Species Of Plants, Optimize That Plant Growth, And Then Save That Recipe And Recall It On A Later Date When They Are Growing That Crop Again"

    Rick Genga President & CEO

    East Greenwich, Rhode Island growgenics.net
  • ILUMINAR Lighting

    Offers a wide array of lighting solutions for the diverse requirements of indoor horticulture

    We have induced a dynamic change in indoor horticulture, especially in the cannabis industry with the broadest selection of lighting

    Eric Kerker Chief operating Officer

    Puerto Valerta , JAL iluminarlighting.com
  • NewLeaf Symbiotics

    Utilizing M-Trophs, NewLeaf Symbiotics helps farmers increase yield, from planting through harvest

    As leaders in plant microbiome technology, NewLeaf will realize the full potential of M-trophs and enable the transformation of agriculture to a more sustainable future

    Thomas Laurita President & CEO

    St. Louis, MO newleafsym.com
  • Scientific Cal Ag (SCA)

    Providing autonomous crop data collection to revolutionize modern farming via drone tech that is capable of more than just capturing aerial imagery

    While existing drone technology provides growers with targeted aerial imagery, our drone technology asks the question—Why do we need to stop at aerial imagery?

    Anthony Hall President & CEO

    San Luis Obispo, CA scientificagr.com
  • Scynce LED

    Design& manufacturing of leading-edge LED fixtures & proprietary wireless control software for horticulture applications

    We are one of the few companies that provides complete control over the spectrum and corresponding recipes

    Brent Perkins COO & President

    Mesa, AZ scynceled.com
  • SymSoil Inc

    SymSoil®, a California B (Benefit) Corporation, produces a scalable solution to restore the complete indigenous soil microbiome which increases farmer profitability and reduces soil degradation

    We help farmers move away from chemical solutions towards biologically restoring the soil microbes that essentially feed the plants the way nature intended them to be fed

    Elizabeth Pearce CEO

    Santa Rosa, CA symsoil.com
  • VividGro

    VividGro is at the forefront of providing diverse technologies and unparalleled knowledge on indoor farming to maximize crop yields and optimize a scalable growing operation. VividGro offers extensive intelligence products and advisory services known as GroNet and GroAdvisor. GroAdvisor is a high-touch advisory service, where the company leverages their pool of indoor farming experts to deliver solutions to complex challenges that farmers face daily. Through GroNet, a smart farming system, VividGro automates and connects the complete indoor farming environment to enhance productivity and ROI. GroNet is designed in a way that allows it to be used at any place and time using a smart-phone to manage the indoor farm

    Our ability to tie the entire process of indoor farming through both hardware and software and also map all our clients to the highest degree of success makes us second to none

    David Friedman, CEO