Featured Vendors (January-March) - 2022

Featured Vendors (January-March) - 2022

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  • Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies

    By harnessing mother nature’s knowhow—symbiosis—Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies is dedicated to improving agricultural sustainability and farmers' profitability with its novel technologies that mitigate the impact of climate variability. The company focuses on the research and production of symbiotic plant microbes as agricultural crop treatments for farmers. Backed by an inventive, hard-working group of scientists, business minds, growers, and more, Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies is committed to creating an impact in agriculture with innovation. The company has commercialized a diverse range of biological products, including BioEnsure® (fungal inoculant) and BioTango™ (bacterial inoculant powder), to confer positive symbiotic benefits to a diverse line of crops

    Rusty Rodriguez, CEO

    Seattle, WA
  • Starlight LLC

    Starlight LLC is a consulting and technology organization that references top science to develop a vision of the future that farmers can trust to manage their long-term forecasting and planning. The company partners with startups, investors, and entrepreneurs to provide actionable next steps. Clients can leverage this advantage and create insightful operator conditions, and ultimately set up farmers to receive personalized behavioral insights of their crop and cattle. Starlight understands that connectivity services of the Internet are perhaps the most valuable resource, for at least the next several years, in the supply chain of data solutions. So, the company identifies providers of Internet backbone technology and then consults with them to follow their lead on where innovation is happening in satellite, IoT, mobile, documents, APIs, and AI

    Our mission is going wherever necessary to defend food and the farmers that grow that food for our America

    David Bernat, President/CEO and Founder

    San Francisco, CA
  • Tradewinds Software

    TradeWinds Software offers a user-intuitive, powerful platform to provide end-to-end features essential for integrating people, processes, and technologies across clients’ grain businesses. At a time when the agriculture industry demands companies to stay most competitive, TradeWinds Software (TradeWinds) provides them with the edge they need. Since its inception in 1988, TradeWinds has been committed to optimizing customers’ grain and seed operations. In doing so, TradeWinds empowers agricultural businesses with multi-category software solutions. The company offers a user-intuitive, powerful platform to provide end-to-end features essential for integrating people, processes, and technologies across clients’ businesses

    We aim at improving customers’ business and hence, position ourselves in between a software developer and a vendor

    Jeremy Tidmore, VP, Software Development

    Shreveport, LA
  • Trimble

    Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) provides solutions that solve complex technology challenges across the entire agricultural supply chain

    We were fortunate for the years of investments we’ve made in the technology that enables us today to be able to support, train, and service our customers who are out in the field and to be able to do that on a remote basis

    Robert Painter, CEO

    Sunnyvale, CA